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Indiana's sports betting obsession:

Gamblers wagered $436 million in 4 months 

Moneyline Trends

Clients need to know whats trending. Gamblers like quick money, people that are use to investing like minimal risk and are willing to be patient. For investors of sports wagering the issue becomes finding a favorable money line.Let's use college football for example. If we wager a money line on a home team favored by 17 points, the money line can vary from -600 to -975, there is a great deal of fluctuation in college football money lines. The -600 on a $200 wager returns $33.34 at -975 the return is $20.52. Therefore, with a probability of a money line loss at less than 2%, if you wager 5 to 10 games on a Saturday, it would be very profitable if you can secure a money line between -600 to -700. At -600, 10 games ($2,000 in wagers) nets $333.40 as opposed to a money line of -975 netting $205.20. Bottom line, in a 13-game season -600 returns $4,334.20 and a -975 returns $2,667.60 (Sept - Nov 3-months). And who couldn’t use an extra $4K.


Investment Planing

The approach to moneyline investing using NCAAFB


Make the client aware of what the trends are. There are 137 Division 1 football teams and over the course of a season each team plays a minimum of 6 home games which equates to 822 potential opportunities to wager. Roughly 65%  of these home teams are favored to win (N=492).  In 2019 there were 488 teams favored in 2018 it was 542 and in 2017 a total of 530 were favored.Currently there are 25 teams in the NCAA with over 90% win percentage when favored at home. Additionally, roughly 96% of all home teams when favored by 17 pts or more have won their games since 2014.


SW&G Inc.uses statistical analysis to capture low-risk money line odds in sporting events. Consumers can invest daily with SW&G using a sports sector based investment incorporating low-risk money line odds.SW&G Inc has a proprietary money line formula and a proven success rate of finding low risk money line events that produce 12% to 28% return on investment daily. Time horizons are another difference between investing and sports wagering. All sports wagering is a time-based event that has a set end time or date where you find out whether you’ve won or lost. However, if you’re day trading, swing trading, or simply buying and holding your investments the investing can continue indefinitely in some cases (until you cash out). Most importantly, in the stock market, you win or lose money on paper as per your investment, in essence no money is made or lost until you cash in. At SW&G you cash out daily.



While we propose that SW&G Inc is for everyone, there are limitations:

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We are not a sports book and do not take wagers


Statisticians are people to

Don't be afraid of NUMBERS! Most Statisticians and mathematicians that work in the stock market are analysts. They look at years of trending data and attempt to forecast each company in terms of stock price patterns, volume changes, and market news/rumors regarding a particular stock. Now compare that to a dedicated wagering analyst in the legal sports wagering industry. The fact is there is no difference in analysts. Both look for trends, wagering trends represent the volume of wagers placed at a sportsbook, on one team versus another. Public wagering trends are often referred to as wagering percentages. Think of it as a direct link to what’s happening on the sportsbook side. Analysts also look at historical wagering percentage data from past to present and seasonal reports which explain in detail how to win by wagering against the public. If you are familiar with the stock market the above should've sounded eerily familiar especially if you have a broker.

A moneyline is a sports wager on which team will win the game. Simple as that. When you make a moneyline wager, you are betting on who will win a contest, however, Vegas has a twist as to what they pay out. Using a 2019 NFL game example, (Kansas City Chiefs vs. Cincinnati Bengals) if you want to wager $100 on Kansas City to win using moneyline, The sports book will not give you $100 if Kansas City wins, instead, Vegas says the Kansas City win is only worth 12.5 cents on the dollar and therefore you get $12.50 for the $100 wager. Vegas wants you to pay a premium on a favored team if you want to make money.  The Kansas City moneyline odds are set at  (-800). This means, if you want to make $100 on the Kansas City win, you need to bet $800 which equals about 12.5% return on your wager. Vegas will gladly take your money if you are willing to assume the implied risk of Kansas City losing. 


What about the 10 people that want to wager on the Bengals to win? Vegas entices Bengals fans by saying, hey please wager $100 on the Bengals we will pay $900 if the Bengals win. That’s right, Vegas will GIVE YOU $900 for a $100 wager. P.T Barum said “There’s a sucker born every minute” a +900 deal is too good for most people to pass up. Hey, invest just a little and get back a ton of money. Vegas is counting on a bunch of people to feel that way and at a gain of 900% return on your investment people are eager to take the risk.


I know what you're thinking,12.5-cents on the dollar, what a deal! When was the last time I invested $10k in the stock market and within 4-hours made 12% on my investment..well, you never have, no stock will EVER give you that.  However, Vegas will gladly pay out 12.5-cents on the dollar, in fact, there is so little invested on a -800 they will give you your 12.5-cents back on the dollar with a smile. Vegas is raking in millions on $10, $20 and $50 wagers on the premise people get paid 900 x their wager should the Bengals win. Vegas pays out +900 money lines at a .0008% rate. 

Data Tracking

It’s also important for stock market analysts to identify emerging trends and act on them for their clients. The same is true in Sports wagering. In the sports there are trending patterns, teams go on winning streaks and losing streaks. Most streaks are home court winning streaks others are road losing streaks. Sometimes teams just go on a run of winning no matter where they play and other teams can’t get a win even if the other team is a no show. A sports wagering analyst exposes these types of investments as opportunistic for wagering. Money line wagers are used to capitalize on these teams when they favored to win and are not a (+) in the money line.