So is the NFL week for parlay plays you would recommend? 


SW&G specializes in money line investments. Bottom line, based on our algorithm and through analytics we select which team(s) have the lowest probability of losing. The program you purchase is a base charge for our analytical services.


I’m not sure what this really is. Seems like I would have to send money to you and you make the plays? Is that correct?


There are two (2) fees associated with having an account with SW&G


First, you can select the weekly plan you want. You buy weekly plans and it is a recurring charge to your Debt or Credit Card until you choose to close the account. You are paying for a service and that service is Professional analytical analysis


The Second fee is the administration fee associated with investing our selections. SW&G uses a safe and legal USA Sports Book. This fee is $3.99 per investment. Again, this a recurring charge to your Investment account. If no investments are made, no charges will be incurred


Lastly, sports betting is legalized in Indiana thanks to a gaming law the legislature passed in 2019, allowing people 21 and older to bet on professional sporting games (NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL). You can also bet on events like professional boxing, golf, soccer, even cricket and sailing, among others. Online and in-person sports betting was legalized by the passage of SB 552. 


SW&G, we are not a sports book, we do not take wagers or set odds. We are not a handicapping service, we do not find sports point spreads for you to bet. We are not a tout service, we don’t sell other people's sports betting advice. 


SW&G is an investment service that deals in daily legal sports money lines. We invest in sports money lines. SW&G Inc.uses statistical analysis to capture low-risk money line odds in sporting events. Consumers can invest daily with SW&G using a sports sector based investment incorporating low-risk money line odds.SW&G Inc has a proprietary money line formula and a proven success rate of finding low risk money line events that produce 12% to 28% return on investment daily. Time horizons are another difference between stock investing and sports investing. All sporting events are a time-based event that has a set end time or date where you find out whether you’ve won or lost. However, if you’re day trading, swing trading, or simply buying and holding your investments the investing can continue indefinitely in some cases (until you cash out). Most importantly, in the stock market, you win or lose money on paper as per your investment, in essence no money is made or lost until you cash in. At SW&G you cash out daily.


How do I send you money? 

You don’t send SW&G Money, you will select the amount you wish to invest and the funds will transfer from your Credit Card or Debit card in a single transaction and the transaction will NEVER be recurring.

When setting up an account you will be asked to provide an email address to a “CASH APP” or PAYPAL”  This is important, you will receive weekly payouts to the CASH APP or PAYPAL.


You can either meet a SW&G investment counselor in person, via online chat / face time or by phone. Our pamphlets and information will be readily available on the SW&G website as will a breakdown of all our associated fees.


Initial costs and fees

*The Maximum investment allowed is $10,000. This is due to State and Federal tax laws on WG-2 Gambling wagers earnings and Capital Gains tax laws on investments. SW&G prohibits any investment wager to exceed greater than 25% return on investment daily.

We charge accounts a weekly operational fee of $7.99 

This operational fee takes care of all booking keeping duties associated with the account 


We charge accounts a transaction fee of $.99-cents per investment. Anytime SW&G places a wager and that wager is resolved, SW&G charges $.99 per transaction. In the rare case that the wagering results is not resolved as positive, the account is not charged.


We charge accounts a flat $3.99 analytic fee for each investment selection used. We have excellent statisticians and analysts that select safe and secure investments. 


No charge on weekly investment payouts.

Every Wednesday you will receive a direct deposit into your account of all funds earned above your initial investment. However, depending on where the client banks there can be money transfer fees applied by your bank for withdrawals. 


Other associated fees

Customers can schedule an investor meeting anytime from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm EST Monday - Friday to meet with investment counselors. The fee to talk to a counselor is $35.00 per hour. 


Account closings

There are no restrictions or penalties incurred to close your account at any time. 




Who can invest? How to invest? How much is needed to Invest?

A person must begin the SW&G investment account with a minimum of $100. Accounts shall be enabled with emails using PAYPAL or CASH APP,  transfer to allow SW&G to transfer winnings directly into their clients accounts.


While we propose that SW&G Investments is for everyone, there are limitations. Although State & Federal law prohibits anyone from placing a wager in Indiana under 21, please note: our customers are not involved in placing wagers or involved in any part of the selection process of wagering. SW&G prefers all clients be 21 or over to have an investment account. 


Due to State and Federal taxes on winning wager amounts, SW&G will NEVER exceed the wager amount for a single winning wager that would incur immediate deductions from the IRS and a W2-G. The IRS classifies all gambling winnings as taxable income. It is solely the client's responsibility to file taxes on any or all income made from SW&G. Again, SW&G is not a sports book and we do not take wagers on sporting events. There are no daily withdrawals of funds. We have a weekly direct deposit (Using PayPal & Cash APP) of earnings. 



So what makes SW&G different then anyone just going online or to a casino and wagering on sports? SW&G clients are not allowing us to gamble with their money. Investing with SW&G is more like using a Stock Broker. The SW&G counselors, like Stock Brokers, manage the clients investments, portfolio and money. SW&G analysts know the best wager for the money. SW&G counselors build a clients portfolio of winning wagers and control the risks of wagering. The bottom line is, SW&G uses their analytics team to track safe and secure money line investment opportunities that turn small amounts of capital into safe returns on investment. 



Our analyst selects various money line wagers that equate to 12-28% return. All money line wagers are back checked to be safe and secure and have less than a 2% chance of losing. Next we calculate the amount of money needed or required to make 12% to 28% return on investment after all SW&G charges and fees have been deducted. Secondly, we assess the risk of the IRS classifying the single wager as a potential WG-2 form.  Thirdly, our investment counselors assign money line offerings to your account. The SW&G analyst’s have calculated the investment and potential returns for the day.  Once the SW&G investment counselor selects the clients team(s) they then confirm the investment with the local Indiana sports book and place the wager(s).  Once there is a resolution with the wager and the wager wins, our counselor collects the funds from that wager and the process is repeated daily there can be between 0 to 20 wagers per day depending on the clients amount of money in the account.  We never exhaust the full amount of funds in the clients account. SW&G only uses half of the clients funds in the account to make wagers. At the end of the seven (7) days of wagering, any money gained above the initial deposit is then deposited directly to the Cash App or Pay Pal account. For example, if the client had an initial account deposit of $1000 and at the end of seven days their SW&G account holds $1250, SW&G would send a deposit of $250 to the client. Note: The client will get their initial deposit back in full at any time in which they decide to close their account with SW&G.