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SW&G is registered as online business in the State of Indiana


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We are not a sports book, we do not take wagers or set odds. We are not a handicapping service, we do not find point spreads or parlay wagers for you to bet. We are not a tout service, we don’t sell other people's sports wagering advice. We are an investment service that deals in daily legal sports wagering moneylines. Conversely, when you invest in the stock market, your money is tied to a company stock. Your stock market investment is subject to outside forces that can either decrease, increase or stagnate your investment. Your stock market investment only has value should you decide to cash out.

At SW&G, money invested on sports teams all have an expiring time horizon. SW&G only selects conservative moneyline returns. Our research presents 12% to 28% returns on the dollar with a implied wagering risk that is always less than a 2-percent. Researchers say they see different behavior among sports wagering investors and sports book bettors. What they noticed is that sports book betters have an emotional component, and that creates behavioral imbalances. Investment wagers prefer to back the favorites, where they get low odds. People that invest in sports wagering pay a premium to bet on the favorites whereas sports book bettors tend to bet against the favorite because they are systematically getting better odds. If you are a gambler our service is not for you.

If you like investing and receiving 12% to 28% return on your investment daily, come join us.

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Your investment in sports wagering is about to begin. Your money is invested daily on sports teams with a money line return of 12% to 28% and that have a 2-percent chance of losing.

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You can either meet a SW&G investment counselor in person, via online chat / face time or by phone. Our pamphlets and information will be readily available on the SW&G website as will a breakdown of all our associated fees.

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Unless you are a sports wagering analyst, with years of experience inputting data into large databases and tabulating standard deviations and working with bell curves NEVER EVER wager on sports using point spread. The spread wager places a high amount of risk on your money. In fact, the point spread wager implies about a 50% to 65% risk of losing for a 93% return on your investment.  

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